Burkett Stucco Inc. - Safety First

"Safety First" is Our Motto

B.S.I. is committed to the highest controls and safety programs in the marketplace. We have many programs in place and have Morrow & Associates as our outside safety consultants.


Morrow & Associates, Inc. as the designated representatives for Burkett Stucco, Inc. is dedicated to the protection of employers and their employees from on and off the job injuries and illnesses. We continually strive to help in the recognition of workplace hazards, and take those appropriate measures to eliminate or reduce employer or employee exposure. Morrow & Associates, Inc. and Burkett Stucco, Inc. promotes the advancement of safety knowledge through written programs, safety and heath training, and the continued involvement of site management.

Morrow & Associates, Inc. has assisted Burkett Stucco, Inc. in establishing senior management’s involvement to ensure direct and effective safety and health programs and training. Working with all Federal and State Regulatory Agencies to promote compliance, Morrow & Associates, Inc. and Burkett Stucco, Inc. help in providing maximum workers' compensation premium deductions, discounts and cost reductions savings.


• Accident Investigation/Reconstruction
• Adult CPR/First Aid/BBP
• Confined Space Entry
• Electrical Safety
• Excavation, Trenching and Shoring
• Fall Protection in the Workplace
• Fire Prevention and Protection
• Forklift Operator Certification
• Hazard Communication
• Hearing Conservation
• Housekeeping and Sanitation
• Lockout/Tagout
• OSHA Inspection Audits
• Personal Protective Equipment
• Accident Recordkeeping and Reporting
• Respiratory Protection
• Stairways and Ladders
• Toxic and/or Hazardous Materials
• Traffic Control, Signs, Signals and Barricades
• Workers Compensation Control

We have several programs in place to ensure our sites maintain the highest level of safety at all times. We also have as-needed outside safety, waterproofing and engineers on call.

We are licensed in the state of Florida as well as 45 other states with drywall, stucco, metal studs, special coatings, wall systems and Class A general contractor licensure with a minority status for special projects.